Friday, March 11, 2011

Biopsy and Physical Therapy

It's Friday.....

I just wanted to post a quick update on Cooper.  We went on February 22nd for Coopers muscle biopsy.  Everything went well, the procedure was quick and he has recovered quickly.  The doctors estimate a month before we receive any results.  Kirby and I are patient about this, because in the past things have been done in a hurry and we have been through many mis-diagnosis that we want them to be thourough and give us a soild answer. 
If this test does come back normal, they have 5-6 more test they would like to run, one of them being a more extensive EMG since the previous one he had at Memorial Hermann was only for the lower half of his right leg.  If all of these test come back normal, they will recommend us to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  So right now we are taking everything step by step, day by day.

Also, in January they recommended us to start back with physical therapy.  I have been pessimistic about physical therapy because they have told me in the past that Cooper needs to build his inner thigh muscles.  I worry that he is incapable of building these muscles and become discouraged if we continued to push him to do something he can not do.

With that being said, I have been getting antsy about waiting on these test results and called about starting Cooper back in PT this last week.  They poriginally told me that they would not have an opening for us until May.  However, on Tuesday they called me at 8:30am and asked is we could make a 10am appointment.  Luckily they are located on FM 1960and my boss was being understanding that day ;) So we loaded up and headed that way.  The PT took her time evaluating Cooper and discussing the past medical history and she had read some of the paperwork.  (there is a lot to read, so I feel luck when doctors read any of it!)  Whe she began discussing the treatment plan and the next steps I begin expressing my apprehensions.  The PT then told me that she agrees with me and that Cooper has something preventing him from building his muscles.  In watching him interact and play, Cooper was trying to do as much as he physically could.  She said his activites alone should be helping to build his muscle, and that if he was able to function normally at one time he should be able to walk, run, jump, like a typical 3 1/2 year old should.  Also, she feels that Cooper is weak overall, in his legs, upper body and core.  This was such a relief to hear the PT agreeing with what Kirby and I are seeing as parents. 
So she will be writing a report to our doctors, recommend the types of physical therapy she would like to do and we will wait to hear when we will be scheduled for regualr therapy.

So that is where we are today.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has been following our blog and Coopers journey. 
The Cannon Family

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