Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th - The Results

Good Afternoon,

I posted earlier on Facebook that the results of Coopers MRI, XRays, and CT Scan yesterday were not good. Here is why...

Our neurologist called us me this afternoon.  She wanted to speak to Coopers other doctors before she called me, but could not get ahold of anyone.

The radiology repost showed multiple focal bone abnormalities on both his legs and on his spine.  They also noted insufficiency fractures, or stress fractures.  They suggested lukemia as a concern.  They suggested we be admitted today, however Cooper is in a great mood and did really well at physical therapy this morning.  From our previous experience at hospital's we know that not a whole lot is accomplished on the weekend.  So we will be admitted on Monday morning, when all of his doctors are available to discuss what our next step should be.

These results could also mean a bone disorder, infection, etc....

So please continue to pray for us and for Cooper.  I also ask for prayers for Clyde, who is too little to understand why his parents spend so much time with his brother.  We love both our boys SO much and hope to give attention as equal as possible.

Love Always,
The Cannon Clan


  1. You and Kirby are AMAZING people and parents!!! I will be praying for Cooper and Clyde... and you two as well. Love ya'll!!!

  2. Thinking of all four of you... Love, kisses, hugs, prayers, thoughts... are all with you...