Friday, November 30, 2012

End of the year update:

Hello to All our Friends and Family,

I keep forgetting to remember to post updates on here :)  We are not much further then we were in my last post.  Cooper is still receiving Remicade Infusion every 4 weeks at Texas Children's Hospital and we go to the Katy location which is much closer and more convenient. 

We have tried to extend the time between treatments to 5 weeks, but Cooper's symptoms are too strong.  I have just finished writing an appeal to our insurance company who denied a claim for $2500 claiming it was "experimental".  The claim was a blood test we had done right before Cooper received his September infusion to determine how much Remicade was still in his system since his symptoms would begin at 3.5 weeks.  It's results would tell us if we needed to up his Remicade dosage or start looking into different treatment methods.  Does that sound experimental???!!!

Anyways, we have begun to move towards a gluten free diet.  I must suggest that if it is not necessary, don't try it.  It's not fun and very little is tasty, especially to a 5 year old!!

Cooper and Clyde are in school together at Waller Christian Academy and they love it as well as Kirby and I.  Cooper is only in kindergarten and he is beginning to read, tell time, do math, and so much more!!  I am amazed at how much he is learning.  Clyde is so proud to go to school with his big brother and he is so smart and tries so hard at all of his school work!

Hattie Mae is 7 months and awesome!  We are not sleeping through the night yet, but her cuteness makes up for the loss of sleep :)  And Cooper is such a proud big brother to her!  He has to tell her Good Morning everyday and give her a kiss.

Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with The Cannons!!

Kirby, Summer, Cooper, Clyde, and Hattie


  1. Summer, I, too, have to eat gluten free. It's awful, I agree. My mom has some recipes (I don't know how she does it) that are her own, not from any of the four cookbooks I have. She has been a savior for me and has gotten me to try a lot of new things. =)

    Giving up bread and pasta are difficult, but giving up everything processed and packaged is no fun. I miss the sweets most of all. =( At least he's young enough that making this change early will keep him on track for the rest of his life.

    Good luck!

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