Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/14/2010 CT Scan with Biopsy

Hello Again,

I know that I said I was going to post about Cooper's CT Scan yesterday, but time slipped away from me. 

We went on Tuesday for the CT Scan with the biopsy.  They asked us to be there at 6:30am to prepare for the 8 am scheduled time.  As we were waiting they then informed us that they had a brna dnew Ct machine and given Cooper's mysterious problems they would like for him to be the first to use it.   However, it would not be ready until noon...........Well after assuring me they would be able to perform the procedure accuartly on a new machine and there was no chance of needing a re do, I agreed to use the new ct scanner.  so to kill time, me and daddy loaded Cooper up and took him to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to look at dinosaurs. 

We came back and they sedated Cooper for his scan and biopsy.  With the biopsy they cut a small hole in his back, inserted a needle, guided by the ct scanner, and drew samples of bone out of his s1 vertebrea on his back.  They also drew a few extra samples for the hemotologists research study.  They said the results should be back in a bout 72 hours.  So now we wait.

Today we had a check up with the rheumatologist as well as saw the audiology department to check his ears.  Again the rheumatologist see no active signs of arthritis and he has been off of the medicine since October.

The hearing test went really well.  Cooper cooperated with teverything and they said that his hearing is great. 

I apologize if this blog is not very detailed.  I am fighting a cold myself these days and am trying my best to recover from it.

Love Always,
The Cannon's

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