Friday, December 3, 2010

12/2/2010 The Neurosurgeon

Hello All,

We hope everyone is doing well.  We are super busy with doctors appointments and testing these days, which is wonderful because we might actually get some answers.

On Thursday we went and saw the neurosurgeon.  While in his office he pulled up the MRI images and showed us what they were looking at.  They showed us his tail bone and how there was no connecting tissue, thus no tether spinal cord.  Then they showed us how all his vertebra were one color, then his s1 vertebra was a completely different shade then all of the others.  They believe this is possibly the problem.

They are scheduling us for a bone scan as well as a CT scan.  Since Cooper will need to be sedated for these they are going to use the CT scan to take a biopsy of the vertebra.  The neurosurgeon warned us that they may still need to do open surgery to get a larger portion of bone.  But we will wait and see. 

They would like all of these test to be complete be fore we go see the hematologist on Friday.  The hematologist make look over all of the testing and have some sort of answers for us and we will not have to have the open surgery. 

Hopefully this will all come to an end soon.  Cooper has moments where he can not walk or stand for 15-20 minutes and it is so hard to hear him tell me his feet are "broke".   But then an hour later be wrestling with his Bubba just fine.

We are keeping our prayers strong, and are a mix of excitment and nervousness for the answers that may soon come. 

Thank you to everyone who has been following Cooper and praying.  We could not ask for a better group of friends and family!!

Love Always,
Kirby, Summer, Cooper, and Clyde

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  1. Thanks for the blog you guys our in our prayers